Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Thanks, Seth.

I was catching up on Seth's blog today when I noticed his reference to I admit I love that site and am faring well each time I visit. (Thanks to Kevin Mogee for pointing me there!)

Last week I was training a 5-day course for a large Telecommunications Company and pointed every student to during a break. We estimated in 10 minutes time, we collectively contributed about 50-60 cups of rice to feed the hungry.

That story reflects how well I tied training to free rice. As a proponent of Web 2.0 (and Training 2.0) I should have realized what Seth so poignantly notes, "...notice how interaction leads to involvement which leads to learning and exploration. In that order."

Thanks, Seth. That will help as I continue to develop materials for the Training 2.0 world.


jasonbbailey said...

Thank YOU for pointing me to this site! I love ramping up on my vocabulary while feeding the hungry at the same time!

I love your reference to Seth's blog. Being in the learning business myself, it is always nice to be reminded of this correlation.

oriellee1 said...

I love this site! I didn't even know that I new this many words. Am I really feeding the hungry? if so wow! I do see the correlation.