Thursday, November 15, 2007

"Blueberries are the first ingredient"

At a recent stop at a coffee chain, I asked for the low-fat blueberry muffin. (I will probably be requesting low- or non-fat for awhile as I "have some extra baggage" as Myspace would put it.)

"Sorry, we don't have any of those. But we do have Blueberry muffins and blueberries are the first ingredient."

That sounded good enough to me so I ordered one.

When did the Marketing "gurus" decide that the term "first ingredient" could be used to trick us? I think we all know that the first ingredient listed on boxes and cans of food we buy, implies there is more of that ingredient than any other in the food.

Here's how I see this message being distorted: the coffee chain had an empty bowl, put blueberries in there FIRST, then had a story to spin......because blueberries certainly would NOT be listed first, second, third, and maybe not even fourth in the ingredient list for this particular muffin.

Caveat emptor.


bambamj26 said...

That is funny. Of course everything needs to sound more appealing.

Janice said...

Wow, what an interesting point. People in marketing have an uncanny way of wording what their selling, but that is what they set out to do..sell and we as the consumer, will buy.

oriellee1 said...

Marketing guru's are known for that. It seems they do try to make things sound better to the consumer.

Chrisbie's Critique said...

I had no idea that ingredients could be positioned this way. Aren't there laws? I thought nutrition labels are required to list ingredients based in order of quantity.